My Sessions

My Sessions

Here are a few things I am currently presenting.

I try to have a handful of sessions to present each year. Currently, these are some of the sessions I am presenting:

Apache Pinot is being used by companies like LinkedIn, Uber, Stripe and more to provide analytics to millions of users in near real-time. In this Hands-On Workshop, we will deploy Apache Pinot on your computer. We will learn how to run the essential components, Create Tables and ingest data. We will also explore the Pinot UI and look at some query performance numbers.

In this talk, we will explore the exciting possibilities
of modern analytics solutions – going beyond traditional
business dashboards, and diving into how to provide
OLAP at OLTP speeds to a larger audience. Learn about real-time analytics, and how scale can be achieved in this rapidly evolving field. Tech: Covering Apache Pinot, startree Indexs, k8, running on Azure.

Anomaly Detection can be an incredibly powerful tool to uncover actionable information quickly and easily. By using ThirdEye and Apache Pinot, businesses can find anomalies in real-time, perform root cause analytics, and make decisions with confidence.

This session will provide users with the knowledge they need to start taking advantage of this platform today. We will explore how Anomaly Detection works, how to perform root cause analysis, and how to implement it in a practical way for any organization.

What is ThirdEye? It is an Anomaly Detection platform built on top of Real-Time DBs such as Apache Pinot.
Who Uses it? Walmart, LinkedIn, Confluence,, JustEat.
What's the catch? None! Originally built at Linkedin as part of the Apache Pinot project, the ThridEye Community Edition is free to try and highly pluggable platform that anyone can download and start using today!

ThirdEye is an add-on to real-time DBS such as Apache Pinot.

Branding is a mix of how you present yourself and how others see you. It is important to be aware of how you are viewed.

In this session, we will discuss how to create and leverage your brand to elevate your career and achieve your goals. Utilize this knowledge through Social Media to define and influence how others see you. You are your brand so protect it. Live it.

This talk highlights the use of the New York Taxi Data set to explore the power of Apache Pinot for fast ingestion, Analytics as well as showcases real-time Anomaly Detection using StarTree ThirdEye.

This talk includes a demo and walks the user through ingestion, analytics, dashboards and anomaly detection.