Imposter Syndrome

How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome And Succeed In Your Career

We’ve all been there. We feel like we’re not good enough and that we’re always going to be the new kid on the block. We may even feel like a fraud or a fake.

Step 1: Acknowledge that Feeling Awareness is key to overcoming your imposter syndrome. When you become aware of your thoughts and behaviors that lead to feeling like a fraud, you can start to challenge them and start moving past this limiting belief. Awareness can help you become more confident in your abilities and feel more comfortable in your skin.

Step 2: Understand What Impostor Syndrome Is Once you become aware of your imposter syndrome, it is then important to understand the source of your feelings of inadequacy.

Five behavior patterns could lead to having imposter syndrome.

  1. The Expert: You expect to know everything and feel ashamed when you don’t.

  1. The Perfectionist: You set impossibly high standards for yourself and beat yourself up when you don’t reach them.

  2. The Soloist: You believe work must be accomplished alone and refuse to take credit if you received any kind of assistance.

  3. The Superwoman: You feel you should be able to excel at every role you take on in your life.

  4. The Natural Genius: You tell yourself that everything must be handled with ease, otherwise it’s not “Natural Talent”.

Step 3: Take Action and Overcome Impostor Syndrome As a person with imposter syndrome, I often feel like I’m not good enough. I’m constantly comparing myself to others and feeling like I don’t measure up. But if I understand my source of imposter syndrome, I can then choose to take action and overcome my imposter syndrome.

I was raised in a household where success was always emphasized. My parents were both successful professionals, so it was instilled in me from a young age that anything is possible. However, as I started to pursue my own career goals, I began to feel like a fraud. It felt like no matter what I did, there was always somebody better out there who could do it better than me.

Nowadays, my imposter syndrome is mainly triggered by new technology and more experienced peers. Whenever these opportunities arise, fear starts to creep into my mind and doubt starts to set in. Am I really up for this? Will anybody even show up? Will they think that I’m incompetent? However, when I put things in perspective, and I am honest with myself, I feel fine and I am able to overcome my imposter syndrome.

By understanding my source of imposter syndrome, I can shift my mindset, and take actions to overcome my feelings.

Conclusion We are all capable of more than we think. If you have a burning desire to succeed, then you can overcome impostor syndrome and achieve your goals. Just take action and don’t give up!