Conversation with Suneeta Bindal

Meet Suneeta Bindal - Director of Program Management at Microsoft, Pioneer, Mentor, and overachiever extraordinaire. Enjoy this very inspiring story with twists and turns, and get to know how one person can make a difference.

In this episode:
Growing up in Kenya. 
Living in 26 countries.
Getting the first computer, writing games.
Optimizing Power plants - climbing buildings in hard hats.
The journey from Telecom to Cloud at Amazon to Microsoft.
The challenge of being heard as a woman of color.
On allyship and elevating voices.
Breaking stereotypes and barriers.
Advice for young women.
Volunteering and helping others.

Suneeta's  LinkedIn: Suneeta Bindal | LinkedIn
Barkha's LinkedIn: Barkha Herman | LinkedIn

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