Conversation with Roxy Ndebumadu

Join me in a conversation with Roxy Ndebumadu, Councilwoman, Senior Customer Success Manager @ Microsoft and a great example of a woman winning at work & life.  We talk about her name, her background, origin stories, challenges and her advice for young women aspiring to win.

In this episode:

  • How to pronounce Roxy's last name.  It's "N Deboo ma Do".

  • The Story of Roxy's Name

  • Challenges of people voting for you with an unusual last name.

  • I talk about my name.

  • Roxy's Origin Story.

  • The differences between parenting styles around the world (US vs. Nigeria).

  • Early trauma.

  • Growing up with no one to advocate for you.

  • From Nursing to Technology.

  • Working for Microsoft.

  • Taking inspiration from Michelle Obama.

  • Running for Office.

  • Learning on the job to become a Councilwoman.

  • Finding motivation.

  • Challenges: People resistant to change and people without a growth mindset.

  • Advise for people wanting to get where Roxy is.

  • Final Words

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