Conversation with Kimaya Kamat

Join me in a conversation with Kimaya Kamat, Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, a self-proclaimed foodie and health nut and an all-around down-to-earth and inspiring woman in technology. We discuss her journey within Microsoft, especially being hired during COVID-19 and gardening.

Show Notes for my interview with Kimaya Kamat.

Jersey girl, gardener.
Getting hired during COVID-19 and working remotely.
Hours of virtual interviews - without being able to read the room.
Virtual onboarding @ Microsoft.
Connecting with a new team and your managers.
Why Microsoft?
Culture and decisions and their impact.
Culture Matters!
What is a good manager?
Origin story. 
From physics to civil engineering to technology.
Failing a coding class.
Food journey - and fitness journey.
On Prawn Biryani and Fitatoes.
Challenges - self-censoring as a Women In Technology.
Overthinking and self-doubt.
Being spoken over in meetings.
The upside of being in technology space.
Advise for Younger Women in Technology.
Advise for everyone.


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