Conversation with Julie Rachel

Meet Julie Rachel - Director, Customer Success @ Microsoft, an extraordinary leader and a mentor for many women in technology, including yours truly. Join me for another exciting episode of humble beginnings, accomplishments, failures, and triumphs.

In this episode:
Growing up in a less-than-middle-class family.
Getting early access to computers in High School.
Fixing code on VAX computers
The first person to go to university in their extended family.
Merit scholarships, working through college.
Being one of two women in the CS graduating program.
Not finding a husband in college.
First job after graduating.
Moving from one job to discovering opportunities and growing.
Finding a husband.
Career growth, variety of careers, and more.
Journey to Microsoft, becoming a people manager.
Challenges of misperception.
The rewards of being in the Technology industry.
Advise for young women.

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