Conversation with Abbe Hyde

Meet Abbe Hyde. Abbe is a Technologist, Researcher, Entrepreneur, and Futurist. And she is the founder of Join us for another great episode where we learn about Abbe's first attempt at entrepreneurship, to launch I am humbled and inspired by Abbe's journey.

In this Episode:

Meet Abbe Hyde.
Early entrepreneurship.
The importance of having a positive attitude.
How technology can solve world problems.
Working with scientists, engineers, and technologists.
From garbage to compost and other ideas.
Living in a Van to attract the first customers of Winely.
The joy and triumph of creating a new business.
Advice to young Abbe

Abbe's LinkedIn:Abbe Hyde 🍷 | LinkedIn
Winely: Winely - Real-time Fermentation Analysis

Barkha's LinkedIn: Barkha Herman | LinkedIn

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