About Barkha

I am a technologist, coach, entrepreneur, and leader. Over the last 30 years, I have failed, struggled, lost, and every time I did, I learned and grew.
About Barkha

I AM.....

A Technologist. A Coach. An Entrepreneur. A Leader.

I have a 30+ year Journey where I failed, got fired, faced many, many challenges, and yet have persevered.

And it is through living, and failing, over and over again that I have grown and developed.  

Failing has taught me Compassion.  Perseverance.  Determination.  


1967Born in Bombay, India, the only girl child in my generation on my mother's side of the family. I was an introverted child with imaginary friends and vivid dreams.

1986I graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology, I was the first female Chef de Patrie at the Ambassador Hotel, Bombay.

1989Immigrated to the United States, switched my major to Computer Science, and met my husband at his Karate Studio.

1990Started working as a software consultant. In the next decade, I was the "only female" or the "first female" [a lot of things] in many of the companies I worked at.

1992Got married just outside of Las Vegas!

1993My wonderful, talented, whimsical, and beautiful daughter was born.

1995My amazing, brilliant, kind, and handsome son was born.

2013I became an empty nester; had a crisis of purpose, start volunteering with middle and high school kids as well as signed up for every self-improvement course I could find.

2014-2018Acquired CarTHINK. Optimized operations; made it cloud-native, launched 3 products in 3 years that turned out to be misses not hits, then divested from CarTHINK. Launched WholeYachts and Vegan42.

2019I got certified as a Clarity Catalyst coach, started the ICF certification process, and launched this website.

2021Became a Certified Trainer from the Master's Mind Trainer Development Academy. Joined Microsoft Research working with project Bonsai.

2022I launched my Workshops to help Women In Tech with their Careers and Life.


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